Wedding Pricing


Just like the pictures we take for and of you, the pricing is unique too.  For all of our work please contact us so that we can chat, get to know each other and tailor the pricing for you personally

A guide for Weddings though, because ........ we know ;)


For Weddings & Engagement Ceremonies x


How Does It Look In Real Life

On the day, I (John) will focus on all the formal timeliney stuff and my second shooter (if you choose one) will pick up on all the pretty things and funky angles, it gives you twice the coverage for all the bits you might miss in the excitement

What do we offer.......

A Pre-Wedding consult or two, coffee, cake, bowling whatever you fancy it's important to set you guys at ease

A site visit if necessary, scouting spots for the all-important Bride & Groom shoot

You can have a pre-wedding shoot as well, a coupley thing or a family and friends thing, it's a great way to get used to smiling before the big day, we've tips to share on that too, don't forget to ask us when we meet

A full day shooting from getting ready to the first dance and beyond (we prefer to dance rather than dash)

All of your pictures fully edited in house, some Photographers use a third party, we prefer the personal touch, they will be web, phone and print ready

Everything delivered digitally, online, and on a USB stick for you to keep them safe, you can print and share as much as you like, don't go selling them without checking with me first though please ;)

We store all your images for 3 years, on our web site and on our at home safe storage, backed up 3 ways, we know how important they are

We can offer printing via our site or from online vendors of your choice there are some amazing albums available but we prefer to focusing on getting those moments rather than selling prints, still happy to talk you through it of course

We have an app, its available on Ios and Android, once your pictures are ready we'll send you a link to your personal gallery that you can share with your friends and family, it's like having your very own app

Androiders        Applers


Not quite what you need? Talk to us, we don't bite